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Welcome to our Community Page which is where we outreach to members in our Community that are constantly active in different projects. 

Here you will find the link and a brief profile of each member so that you can easily navigate amongst each other and find a space to connect with one another regardless of where you are in the world.

Bienvenido a nuestra página de Comunidad, que es donde nos acercamos a los miembros de nuestra comunidad que están constantemente activos en diferentes proyectos.

Aquí encontrará el enlace y un breve perfil de cada miembro para que puedan navegar fácilmente entre ellos y encontrar un espacio para conectarse entre sí, independientemente de dónde se encuentren en el mundo.

to be of service

is a gift that keeps on giving

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Sifu Douglas Sutton

Sifu Douglas Sutton is a Buddhist monk, healer, and teacher of Ancient Esoteric Light Awakening Meditations. He grew up in Boston and graduated in Sociology and Art at the University of California San Diego. His on-going calling to open his heart, to spiritually awaken and to be of service guided him to again meet in this life time his Master, “Master Yu”.  Since meeting Master Yu in 2000 he has received spiritual awakening teachings of many kinds, spiritual healing teachings, many special empowerments, as well as ongoing guidance from Living Buddha, (Mahavairocana Dharma King) Dechan Jueren – Master Yu Tianjian the 49th lineage holder of the Chinese Esoteric School and 47th lineage holder of the Lingji Chan Zen Lineage.

Teachers – Esoteric Hanmi Buddhism


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