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Mahria Carolihna

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architecture | arquitectura

city of knowledge
panama city, pty

Commercial sustainability projects

Sustainability starts with awareness

Appleton partners, llc.

Architectural Designer

Architectural Designer 
sample of works of the firm



Interior render design with holistic approach

example of interior render



functional + spatial accentuation



Ft. Lauderdale, FL


in collaboration with Art'sUP 

Miami Jazz Festival


Sculture garden in collaboration with Jessica Cancino

 in collaboration with MDC
Ernie Novo & Jessica Cancino

This collaboration with Art'sUP took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The design concept came about with the inspiration of Plato's platonic fomrs which constitute the creation of all life in the universe expressed in geometric shapes. Creating a space charged with these gemetric shapes for others to experience

This artistic collaboration alongside fellow artist Jessica Cancino took place in Miami, Florida. 

The design concept occured while contemplating on the site which served as an educational garden for the community of Dade County. This was also the site for the upcoming Jazz Festival.

The sculptures are the geometric representation of a leaf folding. The materiality of iron rods create the scale wanted for the site.



Sculpture for music video LA, California

sculpture for music video
LA, California

COCOON - chicken wire sculpture used for a music video in Los Angeles, CA.

The inspiration for the sculpture was created as a light sculpture from which a contortionist symbolized the fetus inside a womb.

IRON SWIRLS - iron rods + plastic tube.
The inspiration for this sculpture is to create a line sketched in space.

GALACTIC KEYS - Fashion design in collaboration with VIDA
The inspiration for Galactic Keys happened when observing geometric shapes and playing with the idea of wearing geometric shapes that open other portals as a fashion item. 

The inspiration for VISIONARY ART happened when after interacting with the Visionary Art Community. Many "hidden" messages are expressed through the work shared. 

music | Música


A great calling from Spirit to guide through sounds. What heals one heals the tribe as a whole. Awareness is forever become conscious of its existence and sound and music reaches this awareness unlike any other expression. 



Sense of awareness

The quest for a Holistic Life occurred since early childhood for Mahria Carolihna. She grew up in different countries. By the age of 10 she had travelled throughout all of Central America (with the exception of Belize) and had exchanged with her relatives in different cities of Italy while also stopping by Switzerland. Having had the privilege of exchanging in different cultures since a young age allowed for her sense of awareness to expand considerably.  Through the mixture of personal experiences and profound studies of philosophy, history and spiritual studies she developed high analytical abilities with a profound scope of different subject matters since a young age.  

La búsqueda de una vida holística ocurrió desde la primera infancia para Mahría. Creció en diferentes países. A la edad de 10 años había viajado por toda Centroamérica (con la excepción de Belice) y había intercambiado con sus parientes en diferentes ciudades de Italia. Al haber intercambiado con diferentes culturas desde muy joven,  su sentido de la conciencia se amplió mediante la experiencia y el estudio detallado de la filosofía, la historia, así como sus profundos y extensos estudios espirituales. 

Energy and Spirits moving through the manifested world

Since her teenage years she gained awareness of shamanic practices by an innate calling of Spirit. During her teenage years, Maria had the privilege and honor of apprenticing with a being many believed was an Ascended Master. She later was initiated as a Rosicrucian in her early 20's and has shared with members of AMORC in California, New York, Dominican Republic and Panama.  

Desde su adolescencia adquirió conciencia de las prácticas chamánicas por un llamado innato del Espíritu. Durante su adolescencia, María tuvo el privelegio y el honor de aprendizaje con un ser que muchos creían que era un Maestro Ascendido. Más tarde fue iniciada como Rosacruz en sus primeros 20 años y ha compartido con miembros de Amorc en California, Nueva York, República Dominicana y  Panamá. 

Ascended Master of Rosicrucian

Mahria Carolihna is a certified Reiki channel. She has lead metaphysical lectures with the main focus of expanding awareness of self and Universal laws, as well as other like-minded subjects. On her late 20's she traveled to the jungles of South America alongside shamans and medicine healers from where she gained a more profound awareness of energy and how the spirit moves through the manifested world. Mahria Carolihna is also initiated in the ancient world of the Tao by a Vietnamese master and has been initiated into Esoteric Buddhists practices as well. Mahria Carolihna has practiced different yoga disciplines and maintains a disciplined meditation practices that extend for at least two decades.

Mahría Carolihna es un canal certificado de Reiki. Ella ha dirigido conferencias metafísicas con el enfoque principal de ampliar la conciencia de las leyes de sí mismo, leyes Universales y temas afines. A finales de los años 20 viajó por las selvas de América del Sur junto a chamanes y curanderos de medicinas de donde obtuvo una conciencia más profunda de la energía y cómo el espíritu se mueve a través del mundo manifestado. Mahría Carolihna también es iniciada en el antiguo mundo del Tao por un maestro vietnamita y también ha sido iniciada en las prácticas del budismo esotérico. Mahría Carolihna ha practicado diferentes disciplinas de yoga y mantiene unas prácticas de meditación disciplinadas que se extienden durante al menos dos décadas.

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