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parallel realities

What is the installation about?

This installation involves Plato's concept of the "Platonic Solids" which are the composition of life as we know it. 

It was interesting to view how people interacted in the space.


Just by viewing the geometric figures, as well as the lighting chosen for the installation,  converted the space an ephemeral sensory journey to tap into simplicity & wonder.  


Mahria Carolihna (Co-Director of M2) gets interviewed by Cathy Bird



In 2014 we had the pleasure of collaborating with Theo Jansen during Art Basel. The collaboration consisted on assisting in the construction of one of his StrandedBeest.


We can assist on your project...

Ideas / Concept Elaboration

Brainstorm the art

Construction of the Art

Making the idea a reality


Assembly the installation


Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

What is the installation about?

This installation was created by private patrons of the arts for a JAZZ FESTIVAL located at the garden of the site.

The sculptures were depicted as the geometry of a leaf. The tectonic movement of how a leaf bends depicted by linear iron rods. 

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